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Will the thoughts cease with the Advaita knowledge of being the Witness?



There is Peace when you take the stand as the Witness but the Peace itself is not silent. The thoughts still continue to arise from this Peace, just like waves arise from the ocean. You just develop the skill of ‘not associating’ with the noise of the thoughts when you realize that you are beyond the mind.

The thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions continue to arise because they are nothing but the body-mind-world. They are programmed to continue until their shelf-life. The only difference is that when you take a stand as the witness, you learn to dissociate from them. This throws you back into nothingness which is simply Peace [your own true nature].

Peace is not equal to ‘absence of thoughts, feeling, sensations and perceptions. That is the definition of Death of the body-mind.

Please understand, when you expect that the noise of the thoughts will reduce by you taking a witness stand, you are actually saying that when the dream character recognizes that he is the dreamer’s mind, then the dreamer’s mind stops thinking and creating thoughts. It is impossible for the dream character to dictate anything to the dreamer, do you realize that?

When I use the term Silent Witness, it does not mean that there is silence in the mind. It simply means that the mind continues to have its thoughts, like waves lashing around, BUT I-the-Witness have chosen to become silent instead of associating with the thoughts. Hope this is clear.


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  1. Hemant


  2. Sriram Kumar K

    Pranams Ektadi :

    It is key clarification. I experientially understand and now practice to ignore my thoughts and be in witness as most of thoughts subside on its own. With less to focus about thoughts, I am at peace. Managing thought process reduces. But I think like waves, thoughts will keep coming and if I pay less attention and more focus on being a witness it greatly helps.



  3. Rupika

    A thought arose in my mind about this post. Some thoughts in my mind are important for future planning (like my sister-in-law keeps complaining to my husband that I don’t wish well for her). I am very worked up as her daughter is getting married and I want to tread carefully (I have always wanted good for the family including her and her kids). I have been filled with thoughts about the gifts to give, the type of clothes I should wear, and how I carry myself. Sometimes I retire at night and think I am going crazy (my husband has told me that many times). However, once I hit the sack, I say goodbye to thoughts (I did the best I could in the day), tomorrow will be seen when it arrives. I believe that is the peace you mentioned above. I didn’t think of it as Witness (a new word and understanding for me), I just used to think of it as the conscious in me (it is always peaceful, as I try and live an honest, integral, and desire-less life grateful for all that has been given to me). Ektaji, kindly correct me if I am missing something.


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