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Can spiritual wisdom ever have a negative impact?

by | Jun 9, 2024 | Advaita, Body, Direct Path, Dreams, Ego, Enlightenment, History, Human, Illusion, Knowledge, Mind, Non-Doership, Personality, Upanishad, Wisdom


Dear Didi. I realized after yesterday’s session that without the Advaita basics and guided practice or experiential knowledge, the path to Ajaata Vaad can have a negative effect on the well-being of an everyday mind. Is my understanding correct?



No dear, there is no negative effect, that is your mind’s story. Tear out of your manohar kahani ki duniya [Alice in wonderland] stories. Wake up and see that the one who does not see non-doership and non-experiencer-ship as the truth soon forgets everything. And the one who forgets cannot experience any effect at all, my dear! For e.g. you must have watched an ancient historical documentary at some time and if you have zero interest in ancient history, you would have totally forgotten it by now. It leaves no mark on you. Similarly, with Ajaata Vaad.

Ajaata Vaad wisdom is a hard slap to wake the sleeping EGO out of its hallucination! It is the highest kind of positive impact on a human being who is ripe enough to receive and retain the wisdom. Remember that only when one is ripe and ready can the light of the supreme truth enlighten him. The unripe one will remain in darkness and not even know that it is dark.

Thus effectively, we can say that, the highest wisdom of Ajaata Vaad either has a positive effect or no effect at all.

    • High Paatrata [ability to receive and retain], translates to enlightenment.
    • Low Paatrata [ability to receive and retain], translates to remaining in ignorance.

Simple, short and straight-forward Spiritual Mathematics!

The rest is a story created by your mind. Wake up and ask yourself:

    • How can one who does not see with his own inner eyes of wisdom, the truth of non-doership and non-experiencer-ship, ever experience any effect at all?

Discard all stories and simply dive into the highest wisdom, my dear. Ajaata Vaad claims that the world including your so-called body-mind personality is unborn and illusory, just like the tiger in the dream is unborn and illusory.

How to see this overwhelming world as an illusion simply? 

Step away from the world and dive into the self-inquiry of ‘Who am I’. Stop being Bahirmukhi [constantly consumed outwardly], turn inwards, be Antarmukhi [inquiring within]! Your time starts now! 🙂


#AdvaitaVedanta #Non-duality #MandukyaUpanishad

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  1. Vikash

    Thank you Didi. Yes, I will always remember the words “your time starts now”

  2. Vimal Ramesh Soneji

    Ekta didi
    Thanks Shukrana for guiding us to the Divinity
    Love n regards from vimal

  3. Ravi Chander

    Very good post! 🙏🏼

    Made me chuckle when you mention Manohar Kahani ki duniya lol
    I think the English equivalent would be tabloids like National Enquirer, The Sun etc., that invent salacious gossip


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