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Can I continue vedic chanting along with Buddha’s & Ramana’s path?

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Advaita, Buddha, Buddha, Chanting, Company/Association/Sangha, Competition, Duality, Flow with Life, Guru, Independent Spirituality, Maaya, Non-Doership, Ramana Maharshi, Self- Realization


Respected Ekta ji, I just wish to be guided if one can continue with general practices of chanting Hanuman Chalisa, Om Namah Shivaye , Om Namo Baghvate vasudevaye or Durga. Chalisa etc even while following the path of Ramana Maharishi or Path of Budha the experience silence.


Yes, dear. True Masters like Ramana Maharshi & Buddha had reached the peak of ‘ONENESS’ & ‘NON-CRAVING’.

This means that they NEVER EVER said things like, ‘Do only my path, don’t follow the other path’; that would mean ‘craving for followers’ and ‘not attaining the peak of oneness with other path’s teachers’.
They NEVER EVER said things like, ‘Other paths are rubbish, you will get lost if you follow another path’ – that would mean a ‘sense of competition’.

They asked us to use our own reasoning and experience to lead us because we create our own universe.

Buddha, Ramana, Nisargadatta simply speak of the highest level that each man has the potential to reach, where one goes beyond the Dwaitam of ‘craving & non-craving’, ‘doing & not-doing’, where there is just BEING, not doing.

In their teachings, the last milestone of ‘non-doing’ is explained in detail as it is a difficult milestone to attain. But remember it happens naturally. So until then, you keep ‘doing’.

A day will come when there is an automatic opening up; where there is just ‘being’ and ‘doing’ drops automatically. That day, all the missing pieces of the spiritual puzzle will automatically come together in your understanding.

Being is the noun for the verb ‘to be’. To BE is a higher level of meditation that naturally happens after you DO a lot. So, please do not force yourself to drop anything, at the same time, please do not force yourself to continue anything after it naturally sheds away either. Let the flow of your own created universe lead you.

Don’t make your own spiritual journey complicated, simply follow your own reasoning and self-experience. It’s really simple dear. Go with the flow!

In Ramanashram, Vedic chanting was always embraced. In the various sects of Buddhism, there are lots of chantings done even today. Please explore dear.

TRUE LOVE that happens only at the peak of ENLIGHTENMENT embraces ALL, never rejects anything, or anyone. Buddha and Ramana would not hurt an ant, let alone using disrespectful words for others paths or other spiritual teachers. That is the epitome of AWAKENING that is unavailable in today’s world of Material Maaya 🙂

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  1. Inderjit Sharma

    Respected Ektaji , Thanks a lot for for this vastly explained very clear and path leading views, which I am sure will help me to undertake my long journey on the path of ‘BEING’ or “TO BE” with ease and in a natural way. With deep regards, Inder jit Sharma

  2. Gergana

    Always in awe while reading you, dearest Ektaji. 🙏🏻


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