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Bhavanga – The flow!

by | Mar 10, 2019 | Desire, Dispassion, Flow with Life, Karma, Karmaphalam, Let go, Paths, Raaga/Dvesha, Seeking, Vedic


I started recognizing doing things naturally without application of the mind (application of the mind feels like there is a raaga/dwesha). There is a flow outside the involvement of the mind. I come to work, because I have to work and it is my current karma. There is no good or bad day, but there are days of having to use the equanimity+awareness more skillfully. I don’t do any action (taking the initiative to talk to anyone for example), yet someone comes to me and talks to me giving me the next flow of events (family, work, health related, etc). Is this a combination of karma happening via the Bhavanga, without my indulgence and is this dispassion?


Correct! Bhavanga brings to you, your past Karmaphalam naturally, without your initiation or seeking. This is called the natural flow.

How to recognize the flow?

If there was even a subtle level of seeking in it [which of course only you can know], then it is not the flow, it is a new karma creation. But if there is absolutely zero seeking within, then it is purely the flow = Bhavanga.

What is seeking?

Seeking means desiring, simple! If you desire, you interfere with the flow. If you generate likes and dislikes, you interfere with the flow. When you just let go and let life happen, you have become ONE with the flow.

What is Non-seeking?

Non-seeking is the state where you simply move with the current of the stream of life. If it goes North, you go North without desiring for it to be different from what it is. If the flow takes you South, you move Southwards without accepting or rejecting.

What does the flow bring?

It brings to you what is due to you…. not an ounce more, not an ounce less. Just have Faith in that Universal power that it can run without your advise 🙂 ! It will certainly bring to you whatever you deserve.

Does being with the flow mean this is dispassion?

Going with the flow happens only when all passions start taking a backstage so we can say that it is the sprouting of dispassion. Keep walking the path! You are moving in the right direction!

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