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  1. Raj

    I have come to understand –
    There is no right or wrong and it doesn’t matter what we do as long as you’re at peace with it.

  2. Mahesh

    Excellent Knowledge, superb. Title itself is great “Beyond the Realm of right & wrong”.
    All my practices is to sharpen the intellect, here we see how to go beyond the intellect.
    I like how you said 3 Gunas happening at the intellect level, tamasic & Rajasic. I loved the example of company of people not physically outside but the person sitting in my mind rent-free. Great talk.

  3. Shanti Modi


    SHANTI MODI. On 10-Feb-2016 11:07 pm, “ancient wisdom pearls” wrote:

    > ancientwisdompearls posted: ” > If you have > questions, please feel free to send it by clicking on the “Ask a Question” > button on the left sidebar.” >


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