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Be a witness to all that is happening

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Awareness, Just Be, Karma, Liberation, Mindfulness, Present Moment, Sakshi Bhav/Witness, Samadhi, Self, Self, Self- Realization, Vedic


Jai guru dev Ektaji – Di,  we are not the body. Though this body will finish one day but we are not destroyed as we are the energy which is making this body work. Di, I want to know that whatever karma we do, we do it from the body level, then how does this karma go with us, when that body who did the karma is no more? How does it go with our pure self who is just a witness?


The Karma belongs to the body- mind complex. Until the time you identify yourself with the body and mind, the karma bag sticks on to you. The day you drop your identification with the body and mind and just become established in the Self, that is called Sakshi Bhava!
That is ‘being able to drop the body before the body drops you’. Thus You become a ‘Jivanmukta – liberated while living’.
Problem Definition – Identification with body-mind complex leads to Karma cycle of repeated birth and death.
Solution– Sakshi Bhava – being a witness to all that is happening. This helps you drop identification with the body.
It helps YOU meet YOU 😊
The effect of that is that the karma drops off and one gets liberated. Got it?

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