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“The soul sticks on to the body until the karma is exhausted.” This means that you will keep getting a body by the laws of Niyati as long as you have karma. What happens to the soul after it is exhausted with all the Karmas–no more Karmas left, so more bodies required?


When the soul exhausts all its karma, it is not bound by the bondage of ‘coming back into body’. It has the freedom to chose whether it wants to come or not. The ‘Siddha’s’ like our Gurudev chose to come back and help more and more people get liberated. That is why it is called ‘Nirvana’.

Nirvana means ‘freedom from bondage’.

What is bondage? This cycle of birth – death – birth – death – birth – death – birth -death is bondage. Only the wise ones realize that all this is futile. Every single day, you do the same things. You wake up, cook, clean, eat, work, enjoy, sleep. Again you wake up and do the same cook, clean, eat, work, enjoy, sleep…. and this cycle continues. An unwise mind stuck in the pleasures and pain of this world keeps rotating endlessly in this cycle. But it is only the wise one who wakes up and questions his own-self that this could not be it. There must be more than this. He sets out to find out the purpose of life

His journey of finding himself is not easy. It requires continuous research. It requires a lot of courage to look past the pleasures and pain of this world and reflect within. The more he commits to his self-contemplation and self-search, the closer he moves to the highest truth.

And then one day, he understands that the key is to ‘let go of creating any more agami karmas by letting go of attachment’. The more he becomes established in his resolution to break out of the Maaya of raagas and dveshas, the more his karmas get dissolved.

And one fine day, he reaches that stillness of mind where even though life flows around him with all its pleasures and pains, nothing touches him. He has now mastered the art of living in this world of Maaya.

What is the ‘Art Of LIVING’? To Be like a lotus that is in muddy water but is untouched and unstained by the water around! Until you get there, don’t give up, keep walking this beautiful path of self – exploration… charetveti…charetveti! Be like a beautiful lotus!

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  1. Neil

    absolutely brilliant! this is so insightful thank you so much for this ! absolutely adore your work really can’t thank you enough for all your video’s and articles .. saved me so many times! thanks so much!

    ma’am could you please do a piece on experiencing the non-dual consciousness.. like you know I seem to realise it at an intellectual level at times maybe I experience a tiny bit but then after a span of like two days and again I’m back to square one again 🙁


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