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At what level are you in the Game of LIFE?

by | May 26, 2020 | Attraction, Awareness, Craving, Ego, Intellect, Life, Maaya, No-Mind, Senses, Vedic, Viveka


JGD Ekta Di, today in our modern society, we see people dressing in all kinds of ways for different social situations. Is there a spiritual perspective on how we should dress and what kind of clothes we should wear? Is modest dressing and clothing which limits the exposure of the skin conducive for the spiritual path or is it okay to dress and behave provocatively like many of the artists in movies and music videos these days? I feel that we shouldn’t just dress however we feel like to please ourselves but also in a way that sends a positive message about ourselves to others. Please shed some light on this.


JGD dear, when Jivas were climbing up the evolution ladder, they did not cover themselves, especially as animals. So the basic instinct of being in the natural skin is something that we have been carrying for lifetimes. This basic instinct gets recorded as a very strong impression in the consciousness of the Jiva.

Now when Jivas evolve intellect-wise, the 5 senses of touch, taste, sight, smell & sound develop even more strongly. This also means that the attraction of the 5 senses to their respective sense objects [people, situations & things] becomes stronger! Temptations increase! This attraction/temptation is called Maaya! The more evolved the Jiva, the higher is the power of Maaya!

When one comes into the human form, one HAS to use his developed intellect [Viveka] to overcome the force of this attraction between senses & sense object. One who wins over this force by using his Viveka, is the wise man. One who loses to this force of attraction, is termed as an ignorant man lost in Maaya.

Life is just a simple game! A game of winning over the attractions and temptations of Maaya! In this game, there are various stages/levels.

At Level 1, the jiva has to overcome the attractions/temptations of the body level – which includes the direct over-indulgence into the pleasures of touch, taste, smell, sight & sound. Direct over-indulgence means getting involved physically beyond the required minimum. Here the Jiva must use his Viveka to understand what is the meaning of ‘required minimum’?

At Level 2, the jiva has to overcome the attractions/temptations of the mental level – which includes the thoughts of over-indulgence in sight, sound, smell, taste & touch. One must use his Viveka again to recognize when he is lost in his wonderland of mind-made stuff V/s being with what the reality actually is!

At Level 3, the jiva has to overcome the attractions/temptations at the emotional level – which includes the strong craving/attachment to what sense object is liked & the strong aversion/repulsion to the sense object that is disliked. One must use Viveka again to mature beyond the craving/aversion which can be achieved only by sharp & astute awareness. The sword of awareness can cut the dark curtain of Maaya only if it is sharpened by the constant use of Viveka!

At Level 4, the jiva must overcome the biggest obstacle of the Ego that develops from overcoming Maaya. This is the toughest level to cross. The tools needed are Sharpened Awareness, One-pointed focus on the NOW & No-mind. One who can overcome his own EGO and reach NO-MIND is the ONLY one who manages to meet his own SPIRIT, his own SOUL, his own SELF! One who gets here, we call him a saint and his method to overcome the temptations becomes spiritual knowledge.

The answer to your question is hidden in these levels of the game called LIFE! It is a challenging game but it is the only way to salvation! Everyone must play it & everyone is at different levels so drop judging them. Just look at your own self and keep moving through the levels!

What level are you at?

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  1. Hemant

    wow, very practical and useful for gauging ones position and progress.
    Very timely arrival in mail box this morning.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Pallavi Chaudhari

    It’s really amazing, how you analyze and pen down this knowledge…


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