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Question :

Sometimes I wonder that, am I even worthy of this highest and beautiful knowledge? Even after studying and applying the knowledge we sometimes lose the path and get involved in cravings, desires and get carried away by sense organs. It is then it comes to mind that, am I worthy of this knowledge?


Answer :

Yes, dear. You are worthy of this knowledge.

Take your attention to the number of people on this planet; 7 billion people. Among them only a handful even think about coming to the spiritual path. From those few people who think about coming to the spiritual path, a handful will actually start walking the spiritual path. Now, out of the people who start walking this spiritual path, only a few handful will have the commitment and the authentic thirst to really go deeper into their own self and experience their own self. And only a handful of people from the ones who are committed can even attain liberation.

You have come so far among these 7 billion people on this planet. You have one last stage. Now that you have come to this last stage, Don’t stop. Don’t look back and don’t doubt yourself. Work hard on dispelling the doubts.

There are three major doubts that come up at this last stage:

1. Doubt about your own self
2. Doubt about your teacher
3. Doubt about the technique

You are getting into a doubt about your own self. So don’t get into that mire. If you go deeper into that mire, you might not be able to come out. So recognize this that you are one of those few lucky people who has reached that last stage.

Now all you need is:

1. The intensity of commitment:

The first thing you need is commitment. Check within. Are you intensely committed to your own spiritual growth above everything else? Above family, relationships, money, job, career, social life, name, fame, etc, etc? Can you put everything aside and give number one priority to your own spiritual growth and your own spiritual progress?

2. Authentic effort on this path.

The second thing you need is authentic effort. Make every effort to follow the teachings of the scriptures that help sprout your own Self Gnyana (Swabhava Gnyana). If you have not come to the level of having your own Swabhava Gnyana, then you must follow the scriptures or the teacher. They are like the GPS of the Spiritual path. That will help you reach that highest level of Swabhava Gnyana.

What is Swabhava Gnyana?

Swabhava Gnyana is Self-Realization.
– When you yourself realize [not intellectually but in actuality] that the only way to attain peace is to live in the present moment.
– When you yourself realize that by NOT accepting other people YOU are the one that suffers.
– When you yourself realize that WHEN you become a football of other people’s opinions, YOU are the one who suffers.
And many other such realizations start dawning on the path, that is Swabhava Gnyana.

When you reach that stage of Self-Realization, then you can walk the path all alone. Then you don’t need a Guru or a scripture or a Technique. You are at a level where you walk meditatively, you breathe meditatively, you sit meditatively, and you sing meditatively. You have reached that highest level. But if you are not at that level of Swabhava Gnyana yet, start with following the teachings sincerely. And stop tearing your own application form.

How are you tearing your own application form?

By doubting your own self. Drop doubt. When you doubt your own self, you put an obstacle on your own path, and you will not be able to grow. Recognize this truth and drop the doubt! Stop tearing your own application form by thinking you are not worthy of the knowledge. In fact, start making extra efforts to prove it to yourself that you are totally worthy.

Also understand that if you were not totally worthy of this beautiful knowledge, it would not have come to you. Because karma will not bring to you anything that you do not deserve. Karma is very fair. It brings to you exactly what you deserve not an ounce more, not an ounce less.

Keep studying your own Self. Happy Swadhyaya!

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