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Are you wearing a mask?

by | Apr 28, 2024 | Advaita, Direct Path, Ego, Maaya, Mind, Personality, Seeking, Stress, Wisdom, You

That is a beautiful sharing of Jim Carrey’s experiential recognition of the truth in the video –​. I would elaborate a little bit on the same.

You are all wearing a mask. Do you recognize it?
When you were a toddler, you did not have a mask. As you grew older, you started wearing masks. Once you wore a mask, you started pressurizing yourself to maintain the image created in others minds because of your mask. This pressure started shaping you mentally and emotionally. The more masks you kept wearing, the more you started pressurizing yourself to fit the corresponding image created in another mind.
Thus, you are not wearing one mask, there are actually multiple masks that you are wearing. And the pressure of each image is burying the real ‘you’. This is called stress, tension, etc.

How did you end up wearing the mask?
The first mask was put on you by those responsible for your upbringing. They cannot be blamed because wearing masks is what seemed normal to them. They could not see the truth that they are themselves wearing a mask. This is because of the Maaya that was veiling the wisdom from them. As you grew older, many masks were put on your face by friends, many by the community, many by peers, etc.

Why are you continuing to wear the masks now?
– Most importantly, you are not aware that you are wearing them.
– Secondly, the pressure of the image-breaking in front of your family members is immeasurably large in your mind which the Ego is not ready to face.
– Lastly, you yourself have started to believe in the false personality that you have built by the uncountable number of masks that you are wearing.

Do you recognize that sometimes the question does arise naturally whether you are the false-masked-personality that you have constructed OR someone else, but the Ego quickly brushes it aside?

When this brushing aside stops, you naturally want to know who you truly are. This natural thirst is called the ’spiritual thirst’.

If you have this natural spiritual thirst developed within you, then you are eligible for joining Gnyana Sangha. If it has not yet developed, maybe you can find other suitable avenues. Let’s save Gnyana Sangha as the platform for ONLY the ones who have the courage to tear off their own masks and look within at their true face. Such sincere seekers are usually surrounded by ‘spiritual mask wearers’ and need a platform where all masks are down. That is the purpose of Gnyana Sangha – All masks down!

The strongest eligibility for being with a spiritual teacher who can show you ‘who you are’, is to actually ‘want’ to see who you truly are buried under those masks. If you do NOT have this eligibility, then you will definitely slip away. This is how the filtering process is done in Gnyana Sangha.

The first part of the filtering process is to take the scriptural tests and start penning down your experiential recognition versus intellectual understanding. This helps tear away the ‘intellectual mask’ first. Those who run away from this process are actually ‘NOT INTERESTED’ in their spiritual search, they are only interested in wearing a new spiritual mask. I am sorry to say that Gnyana Sangha is not the place for the people who are interested in acquiring a new spiritual mask. Gnyana Sangha is a place for those who are weary and tired of the masks, for those who are ready to tear them away, for those who are not afraid to face the reality. In fact, it is a place for those seeking their own true selves. This solace cannot be bought by throwing money in the market, neither can it be snatched from someone else, it needs to be earned. Those who are truly seeking that solace of de-masking are wholeheartedly welcome here.

Are you one of such strong spiritual seekers? Are you self-propelled to tear away the false mask?
Then you will have to prove it by tearing off the ‘intellectual understanding mask’ that is covering your ‘true experiential recognition’. When you write the scriptural test, please ensure that when you answer the tests, you honestly and clearly state what is your ‘intellectual understanding only’ versus your ‘true experiential recognition’.

Please remember a ‘pretense’ is very easily recognized by a spiritual mentor. Be honest with yourself! Keep writing your test and send the exam answer paper as soon as possible! Happy exam writing!

P.S. The test is at the end of the Advaita videos in this playlist – Send it to


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