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Jgd Didi,

I am working on not creating any more Agami Karma through my thoughts, speech, and action by meditating regularly and being in knowledge. But what if I die and in the next birth because of being lost in MAAYA, I again get attached to people, situation, and things and create Agami Karma?  Then what?  How will I come out of this world of MAAYA?



To understand this, we must understand the true meaning of the word ‘Sadhana’.  ‘Sa’ means that which goes with you [similar to Saath in  Hindi].  And ‘Dhana’ is wealth.  Sadhana means ‘that wealth which goes with you even after the death of this body’.
In simple terms, if you attain a certain level on the spiritual path with meditation and knowledge, you will not lose that level even after death.

For example – If you study Math until the 10th grade, do you forget it later on in life, even if you don’t use it at all? NO. Do you ever forget the alphabets you studied in Kindergarten? NO. Whatever material you study remains with you throughout the existence of your material body.  Similarly, SWADHYAYA [SELF study] remains with your spiritual body.

When this body dies, you will forget all the material world studies like Medicine, Architecture, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. You will even forget the names of the material world of people/situations/things.

The only study that goes with you is –

    • the recognition of not being the Matter that you dwell in,
    • the understanding of the restlessness of the Soul,
    • the identification of the core of the Being deep within,
    • the remembrance of who you actually are,
    • the perception of the Supreme Truth.

So, in your next lifetime, you will probably start your spiritual path earlier. And you will start with that level of spiritual maturity with which you leave this body. Isn’t that amazing? 🙂

If you have to strive for some wealth, then it should be the wealth of your own SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE.  Work towards your own mind, your own emotions, your own ego and understand your inner environment.  Nourishing your inner environment makes you so strong that you can take it to the next lifetime.  The sad story is that people just keep nourishing their outer environment and ignore their inner environment.  These are the people who remain poor in terms of spiritual wealth.


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  1. BG

    When someone young starts doing college level Math, or plays Chess game better than experienced people they are surely using knowledge/experience from last life. Does this mean that knowledge other than Spiritual also passes from one lifetime to another.

    • Gnyana Sangha

      Yes, they are stored as impressions called Samskaras by our scriptures. All your habit patterns are like code that is stored in the cloud [of Consciousness]. Whenever it is time for the code to be manifested, it is seen through certain patterns again in the light of Consciousness.


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