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Are you responsible for your own thoughts & feelings or not?

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Guru, Guru, Non-Doership, Thoughts, Truth, Vedic


I saw this below knowledge, I am kind of confused 🤔 There is a contradiction between his two statements.

1] Your worries, your feelings, your thoughts arise in your own mind. You are totally responsible for all your feelings – how you feel, what you think, what you do… You are responsible.

2] Identifying yourself with your thoughts and emotions, thinking that you created them, is utter ignorance. When you stop identifying with them/owning them, you become a witness. That is freedom.

Please help me understand the contradiction.



Truth is just apparently contradictory dear! Remove the veil of words and look deep within.

At the lower rung of the spiritual ladder, a beginner does not have the capacity to understand the highest truth of non-doership. He is still blaming the outside world. To bring such an ignorant soul into the light of Truth takes time. Therefore baby steps are adopted by Saints/Gurus, etc. They initially tell you to stop blaming others and look within, it is YOU who has created the drama for yourself.

When someone starts looking within and starts working on himself and rises higher on the spiritual ladder, he becomes ready to receive the highest truth of NON-DOERSHIP. This truth is not for everyone dear. It is invaluable and given to the worthy one only.

If you have the desire to rise higher spiritually, keep taking baby steps and the Truth shall be revealed to you soon! May you rise higher and qualify to receive that which cannot be understood by the intellect but can only be fathomed by the soul. Sukhi bhava!

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