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I met a guy for a matrimonial alliance but he left saying I feel a pull towards u so if it’s meant to be then destiny will get us back together! I don’t know how to deal with this. Is it really all destiny? Or it’s just a name given and we have to make our choices?



Karma sweetie Karma! Karma is like a speeding, gushing, flowing river, its water is gushing with an extremely strong current. Because you are actually choice less and flowing strongly with the current, you start thinking that you are swimming in that direction. You start thinking that you are making decisions. You start thinking that you are doing everything. No, this is a misconception, life has a momentum of its own. It is flowing in that direction away from that guy. It is neither your fault nor his. It is just the direction of the flow, neither anything you do or say or think can change it, nor anything he says or does can change it. Stop struggling with the current.

There are two main steps to follow in any struggle of life:

      1. You just flow with it. Surrender this struggle. – This struggle is doership. A thought in the mind ‘why is this happening to me, I don’t like it’ is a dvesha. Similarly a thought in the mind, ‘I want this’ is a raaga. Botth raaga and dvesha are nothing but doership. Drop the doership. Right now, your concepts of ‘how things should be’ and ‘how things should not be’ is binding you. These self-created chains are extremely tight around you and that’s why you are struggling. This spiritual knowledge makes you realize that the chains are yours and the struggle is created by you only. You are like that crazy guy on the street who beats himself and then looks up and says ‘who is beating me?’ and gets even more afraid. Again he beats himself, again screams ‘who is beating me?’ and is afraid even more and keeps repeating this again and again. Wake up and realize that you are doing this to yourself!
      2. Have the guts to open your arms and face the infinite and say ‘Come, I am ready for whatever it is that comes my way’. Just this surrender will free you from your own raaga/dvesha.

All that has come your way is your Karmaphalam, just go through it without creating any more agami karma seeds. Because these agami seeds will sprout one day and bring back the same thing to you. Recognize that agami karma seeds are created by your raaga and dvesha, hence drop raaga and dvesha.

That is the nature of the wise one, live your life like the wise one not like the crazy guy, got it?

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