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Dearest Ekta Didi, I have been with a spiritual foundation for the past 22 years and have done several courses there. Ever since I stumbled upon Ramana’s sessions with you, there has been a huge change that I can not describe. I completed the Advaitha, and Kabir sessions. Now I am faced with a dilemma. I feel like I am cheating on my Guru. I am constantly debating in my mind, but I cannot convince myself. I am literally miserable. I am just a volunteer there and nothing else but my association with Guruji has been for 22 years. I don’t know what to do.


That is an answer for you to find within yourself, dear. Here are a few insights that I can help provide from the ancient spiritually enlightened and acclaimed masters of yesteryears, maybe this can help you figure out your own answer.
Kabira khada bazaar mein maange sabki khair
na kahun se dosti na kisise bair 
I wish for the wellness of all and yet I am unattached to all. I don’t demand any loyalty from anyone nor do I reject anyone. I am beyond the attachments of ‘wanting’ and ‘not wanting’. This is what Kabira is saying.
This is what a truely Enlightened person would say to you, ‘Do not get attached because attachment to spiritual teachers is nothing but pumping the Fake ‘I’ and keeping yourself away from attaining Advaita [non-duality].
Because by nurturing ‘attachment to the Guru’ you are sending a subtle message to the Ego that it is okay to get attached. Thus the mind will always be caught up in the Dvaita [duality] of attachment & detachment. This duality will never let you rise to the peace of Advaita [Non-Duality]. 
Honor them, revere them, listen to that which chimes with your heart after filtering out that which doesn’t. But don’t develop another craving for them’. They are not your masters and you are not slaves to them, they don’t particularly love you nor hate you, they are simple guides like the ‘North star’ pointing in the direction of the North. Keep moving.
Ye sab Guru hain hadh ke, beyhadh ke Guru naahin,
beyhadh apne aap upje, anubhav ke ghar maa hi
All external Gurus are bound by their own limitations, they are not the Gurus of the unbound. The unbounded Guru arises spontaneously in the house of self-experience.
Here Kabir is explaining that the witness consciousness is the true Guru. All external Gurus are just pointing towards that internal Guru. You will have to eventually drop all external supports and look within, there is no other way towards the highest TRUTH!
Buddha told Ananda to keep focusing on his own practice but Ananda did not listen and kept getting attached to Buddha, so much so that Ananda did NOT get Enlightened during Buddha’s lifetime. It was Ananda’s own attachment that became an obstacle in his own path. Only after Buddha passed away did Ananda get enlightened. 
Do better than Ananda dear. it is possible for anyone to attain the highest potential of human Truth only if they make an effort to let go of the chains of bondage that they have tied around themselves.
On another note, if you regularly visit a Buddhist monastery, the monks will eventually advise you to visit multiple teachers/monasteries so that you do not get attached to a single teacher. You can visit a monk and experiment with this for yourself.
Ashtavakra says, ‘Mukta evasi sarvada – we are always free! [not bound]‘, we create bondage in our own minds. Since there is no bondage to a path/guru, there is no question of cheating. Recognize that you have conditioned your own mind dear, only you can un-condition it. 
The honestly Enlightened Master like an Ashtavakra or a Buddha or Adi Shankaracharya wants you to not get attached even to him. 
KABIR again:
Kabira khada bazaar mein liye lukati haath,
jo ghar baare aapna, chale humaare saath
Kabira explains that your own conditioning is your trap and will prevent you from getting enlightened. Whether it is a material world attachment/conditioning or a spiritual world attachment/conditioning, both inflict chains of bondage on the Fake ‘I’ [Body/mind/Intellect/Ego].
Unless one breaks from the chain/net of this trap of conditioning, one can NEVER attain Enlightenment. The Fake ‘I’ will not be able to dissolve into the Real, Universal ‘I’ until the ghar [house of conditioning] is baare [burnt]. Spiritual conditioning builds a house that is hard to burn. Only the one who has the courage to burn it all can walk the path to Enlightenment.  
This becomes easier to do if you have the clarity that the most important criterion on the spiritual path is:
– your own loyalty to yourself and your spiritual quest.
– your sincerity in your own spiritual quest.
– your authenticity with your own self and your spiritual quest.
You have to choose that which is TRUE for you at the moment. True does not necessarily mean that it is going to be pleasant and easy. The TRUE path is usually the harder path. For e.g. when you were a kid, you believed in Santa Claus, and as you grew older, it seemed hard for you to digest the truth that Santa does not exist.
It is your own personal choice whether you want to be with your own TRUTH or not dear. Once you have chosen, remember that nobody in this entire wide world has the right to override your own personal choice… not your spiritual peers, not your family, not your spiritual teacher, not even me. Nobody!
Always follow your own inner voice and do that which makes you: 
– feel true to your own self. It’s not about others, it’s not about me, it’s not about your Guru. It’s only about YOU.
– feel that you are not fooling your own self.
– blossom spiritually [not only benefitting you and your family members but the entire humanity at large].
Follow your own Viveka! Follow the flow in the direction which the Universe is taking you naturally, devoid of raagas & dveshas.  
I hope it is clear that I am not telling you to stay with an organization, I am not telling you to leave an organization. I am not telling you to stay with your Guru, I am not telling you to leave your Guru. I am not telling you to follow me. I am not telling you to not follow me. 
I am simply signaling towards the right answer that lies in your own heart. Look within and make your own decision dear. 
Krishna says to Arjuna that “If you are looking for a direct decision from me whether you should fight this battle or not so that you get saved from making this decision, that will not happen Parth [friend]. I cannot take away this right from you. This battle is yours. The decision is yours. Whatever your decision is, I am always there for you dear.”
Mukta evasi sarvada – You are always free!


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  1. Shally Goyal

    Thank you so much didi…same struggle was going on with me.

    During kabir and advaita. And i have to read it many days for proper understanding.

    • Suchitra Harvey

      Same here so much Dvand was going on cause the attachment was slowly loosening and was getting confused as to what’s going.

      Advaita sessions are amazing it’s creating void feeling empty.

      Really very grateful to you for the anazing course.

  2. Hemant

    As a long time AOL practitioner, and Teacher, for months I have been bugged by the same question.

    Each of us has to follow our own path, and make the appropriate choices by listening to the “Inner Voice”

    I am in awe of how relevant answers to questions and situations show up – Thank You “Whatever/Whoever”.


  3. Pragya

    WOW !!

    Beautiful explanation . Many are in this tug of war inside their mind . It is going to help them all Im sure.

    Thanks Ekta ji

    • Meher

      Beautifully explained Ektaji! A BIG WOW!!! I am grateful for all the knowledge you have been sharing with us and always wished you would one day open A Spiritual School and would love to be your full-time student. Lots of love to you and thank you .

    • Dr Sonal R Mehetaa

      When I wrote to my Guru that I am your Sevak, something happened inside me. It was painful. I felt like my freedom I have handed over. But then I thought it’s my small mind who is afraid of loosing its control,identity and hence unable to let go. After reading this it made things more clear for me.
      Thank you Ekta ji. Your posts have helped me many a times.

  4. Raghu

    Thank you so much for bringing this clarity to us Ekta Ji! In the past, I have heard the Guru say not to keep jumping from one master to another because all paths lead to the same goal. However, after listening to your discourses on the various scriptures, I can honestly say that I have gained a lot more understanding and internal growth that I would have otherwise not gained. I also can very much relate to your advise that each one of us has to find what clicks with us individually on our own. Without getting exposed to the different expressions of knowledge and wisdom that is out there, it is difficult to make progress along these lines, and I found your efforts in making the various approaches understandable to us very very helpful. Thank you again for all your efforts.

  5. Visala

    Dear Ektaji, You always give very good explanation! Any one can understand! I am so grateful for all the knowledge you gave thank you .
    With Love.

  6. gurmeet kaur

    Respected Ekta ji,
    …. thanks so much for all the knowledge u share .even i got the answer of my question.

  7. Bhinesha Seetaram

    I don’t know who asked that question but I have had similar questions and conflicts in my mind. Also, whatever everyone has said above, I resonate deeply with. I have found Ekta Ji’s knowledge discourses have helped tremendously. it has helped me gain a better understanding of my path, and what works and doesn’t work for me. Sometimes I even felt that the knowledge was speaking right to my ego…geez that’s painful.
    I feel a few of us are going through the same issue and I was wondering if there’s anyone here who would want to get in touch to discuss this. It will just be a sharing, and I think that could really help those who’ve come this far on the path, because it does require some honesty and sincerity of heart to see that. We have to walk this path alone for sure but having a discussion or open sharing might help us to uncover the emotional attachment and let go , if anyone would like to. Feel free to contact me. 🙏

  8. Nehal Shah

    Very nice explanation Ektaji, especially
    “your own loyalty to yourself and your spiritual quest.
    – your sincerity in your own spiritual quest.
    – your authenticity with your own self and your spiritual quest.”

    Only alligence a practioner should have is his own practise, his goal of experiencing oneness. Guru is just means to the end.

    All rivers (paths) lead to the same ocean called god principle. Vaidt or Advaite, a solid practice will lead to the same experience of oneness.

  9. Ratul Maiti

    Very nice explanation Ekta ji. My spiritual quest also started with Art of Living and listened to every discourses and sessions with Guruji. But there came a time, I felt like, I got disengaged mostly due to my own karma. But as it says, once if you are on a spiritual path, you do acquire some good karma that pulls you back again. It happened to me too. This time, it sparked from reading, Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now” and immediately I was able to relate back to Part 1 course – “present moment”. Soon this was followed by listening to your classes on Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Ashtavakra Gita, Buddha’s sessions. Along with it, I also related very closely to Swami Sarvapriyananda and his explanations on “Aparokshanubhuti” and “Drg Drsya Viveka”. I started reading more about Advaita Vedanta and Shankara’s teachings. But out of all of these, what happened to me was my own seriousness to meditation and my practices. I have felt more inner freedom than where I was 2 years back. All, I wanted to say, it is our own spiritual quest through constant “shravana, manana and nidhidhyasana”, our own determination on the path and relating to our own experiences as we constantly reflect and stay aware.
    Thank you.


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