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I read about a crocodile/alligator grabbing a child in a national park and eating it. I felt very sad. I think it is wrong to say that it was that little child’s karma. Is it not allowing the culprit to run free if we keep blaming the victim for his/her karma?



It might be bitter but it is true that it was that soul’s karma to experience being eaten by an alligator. Even if it is a small child and you are experiencing compassion for that small child, you do not know what the karmas of that soul in its previous lifetimes were.

Understand this! God/Consciousness/Niyati/Karma [whoever you have faith in] are 100% fair. There is no cheating involved there. So, everybody gets what he/she deserves. Not an ounce more, not an ounce less!

If a culprit commits any kind of wrong act, he/she will also have to pay back for his/her karma. He cannot go scot-free. So don’t worry! Even if in this case, the culprit was the alligator, that alligator will meet its own karma. You rest assured, and take care of yours!

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